Bruce Springsteeen  &  I  My personal story: How Bruce Springsteen changed my life several times and saved it  more than one time, having  OCD   / Depression until Deep Brain  Stimulation came

When you have OCD / Depression , you need something /  somebody to hold on: In My Case  Bruce Springsteen

Bruce & I- My Personal Story

How Bruce Springsteen changed my life multiple times and saved my life once.

Until 1985 I had never heard of Bruce.

Until it came on a radio show: "And number 1 on the US charts was "Dancing in the Dark" by Bruce Springsteen.

I shot up at the song, recorded it and never heard anything else.
A few days later, advance ticket sales for BITUSA were in Frankfurt.

Without having heard any other song apart from "Born In the USA", I ordered a standing room ticket.
And what I then experienced inside the stadium changed my mind forever.

A person so simple, genuine, lively, believable, playing to the point of self-abandonment, full of lust and mood - madness.

So I bought the LP first and everything I could get since then.

Today I have over 500 CDs / DVDs.

But that's just by the way.

I listened to Springsteen for hours every day.

I started jogging every day, weight training 3x a week, and eventually started dancing rock n roll for the next 10 years.

After a personal crisis I got so fit.

But even more important:

I developed a mental illness called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) which is quite persistent and disruptive and almost impossible to cure.

It got worse until I could hardly do anything without the disease.

While driving (the holy grail for me) I only listened to Bruce Springsteen.

Remarkably, it was a bootleg (Just a Mile outta Hell) and that suited my personal situation as well.

The illness kept me so busy that it was almost impossible to relax.

Songs like "No Surrender,"


"Tougher Than the Rest,"

"Lonesome Day,"

"Thunder Road

They kept me going.
From 2001 the disease reached its peak level and The Rising came out:
Again, his songs saved me from some things, including some suicide attempts.

In 2001, when all therapies and medication had failed, I also learned for the first time about a new type of treatment: the deep (brain stimulation), where candidates for a study were sought.

I also called there soon (“No Retrat, No Surrender”) and got an appointment and a year later the first patient was treated with it for an interview.

It wasn't immediately a success and again his songs carried me through the deepest crises.

"It is no sin to be glad alive" from Badlands ) became my mantra and
"Come on up for a Rising " The Road to Recovery "
No Surrender” the perseverance slogan.

And actually after 2 years there was an improvement:

Deep Brain Stimulation for Obessive Compulive Disorder is not accepted by Psychiatrist, also all the patients are cured out with any of " their  " methods AND are severe ill- an ethic disaster.

Today I am 95 percent free of the disease that robbed me of so much.

At some point, “We Take Care on Our Own” came out.


which is a hymn for me, because the method of Deep Brain Stimulation is not accepted by psychiatrists here in Germany because it is a task for neurosurgeon, while psychiatrists, and that is my personally experience in 20  years dont , WANT to know anything aubout the method,


which cures around 70 % of all those people ( AND  ONLY THOSE)  who didnt  have


  • any success in several therapies
  • and several  medication, and
  • are severly ill ( nott the " easy cases" ), and have OCD
  • at a minimum of 5 years in severe to ectreme condition

That's how I learned: Most of the time you have to take care of yourself in order to survive something that seems invincible.

When I was brought into the OR for an 8-hour brain surgery in 2004, I swore to myself:

"If I got even a little bit of relief, I would do something for the sick people"

And because others didn't want to do that, it made sense to set up a website on which I would publicize the method.
That's how it happened and I reckon we've given around 100 people a better life to date.
And certainly saved some from suicide.
Today, the same surgery is offered to severely depressed people, and it seems to be a great success.

And I owe all of this to an excellent neurosurgeon and a unique singer, and this is also the motto of my website:

"Nobody wins, till everybody wins"

For me Bruce was and is trend-setting, a kind of moral compass and also a driving force that I need again and again.
Like Bruce, I come from a working-class family, but I've been able to study economics and pick myself up mentally and physically.
And for me the greatest value is "authenticity" and that's what it is.
And it's important to me that he sings about people's lives and their ups and downs, always with a glimmer of hope."

And quite apart from that: WHAT IS THAT AWESOME MUSIC?

Note,  my English  speaking friends,


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Deep Brain Stimulation is used since 20 years on  ObessiveCompulsive Disorder  is also a method used in Parkinson, Essential Tremor,  Dyatonia, used in the USA and other countries.

I  Germany  we have  a large study  about using it in non - treatabele Depressions, which seem to get  good results.


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